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Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4

Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
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Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4
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With good quality and competitive price, we try our best to ensure our product can be durable for long time use. Proudct name: Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4.

Our small Shine Short Wig is the ideal wig for short natural-looking hair. Wig measures approximately 14 inches in length, and is made using the highest quality heat-resistant human hair fiber.

Natural hair wigs for thinning hair are the right solution for you because they can make your personality become more attractive and presentable in public. They are also an excellent idea as a gift to another person for any special and formal occasion...

Natural hair toppers made from human hair that look and feel like real hair. This is a way to complete your look and give the illusion of having long, luxurious hair.


Digihair Hair Brazilian Hair Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles With 4"*4" Lace Closure


#1B Natural Black




Natural Wave


Brazilian Hair,Peruvian Hair,Malaysian Hair,Indian Hair


95-100g/pc+30-40g closure


3pcs Weft&1pc Closure

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Black Braids are made from real human hair. They are 100% human hair and blend well with most hair types and can be styled the same way you style your own natural hair. There is a new innovative method to attach your Black Braid extensions, called Micro- Ring Extensions . The micro rings used in this real hair extension system are smaller than the traditional metal ring giving you a lighter weight hold and feel which many find more comfortable than larger weight rings.
The short answer is yes. In some countries, mink are killed by gassing,. A mink fur farm is where minks are raised for their pelts.  Generally speaking, it is illegal to import or sell the furs of animals born in the U.S. under the Animal Welfare Act. The USDA National Organic Program also prohibits the raising of fur bearing animals, including minks.  However, we do allow products made of naturally molted fur from mink or other animal species.
Yes you can dye your extensions. You can also dye your extensions light brown, medium brown, dark brown or even black. However, keep in mind that if you dye the extensions blonde that all colors other than black are more likely to fade. To dye black extensions into blond or light brown Color, you have to first strip the hair of its natural colour. Then you need to bleach The hair into the desired shade. This will take more than 1 attempt to get into the Correct colour.

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Our weaving tightly bonds each strand of hair throughout your hair for a long-lasting, flawless finish. That means if you get caught in the rain or take a dip in the pool, all the weaving will be intact and beautiful once dry –we're happy to help with any touch ups. Some cap is great for people who have a lot of hair because there is room for voluminous tresses without fear of getting your hair wet in the pool!
Yes. While you may choose to wear a wig in the pool, river or the sea, if your hairpiece is synthetic or made from "non-waterproof" material, you can swim in it without putting either your own hair or your wig in danger of going "swimmy." The longer you're in the water with an all-synthetic wig, the less likely you'll be able to feel its fibers. If possible, avoid putting a synthetic wig on immediately following a shower.   They are less moldable when wet and may take several minutes to blow dry completely.
Yes, you can wear a wig without a wig cap. Wig caps are used on synthetic wigs to keep the hair laying flat against your head. It is not necessary when wearing our premium human hair wigs. If you are wondering how to wear a wig With no wig cap, then use the identical technique to set the wig on as you would using a wig cap. Ensure that your scalp is clean before placing the wig and, when you've got natural hair, try braiding or twisting it to flatten it as far as possible and prevent any lumps under the wig.

Wigs can be cleaned at home using gentle shampoos and conditioners. Wigs come in contact with our hair and scalp, which can cause build up of oil and product. This is why it is necessary to clean your wig regularly. Step 1: Drink. Mix Cool water using wig shampoo at a container or sink (never use a washing machine). Step 2: Clean. After the five minutes, then gently dip it up and down into the water. Step 3: Rinse. Scrub your wig lightly but thoroughly in cool water. Measure 4: Illness. Measure 5: Rinse.

Peruvian hair is a common type of human hair that is considered to be more delicate than other hair types. The natural protein bonds in this hair type make tangling a common problem, especially if you use blow drying or curling irons too often. However, you can prevent these problems with proper care and maintenance before and after washing it. Do not rub your hair jointly when dryingout. Do not over moisturise your hair, merchandise build up might cause tangles. Do not even try to detangle hair when it is dry. Co-wash at least twice per week and shampoo once per month.

No. GRAY hair in is absolutely, positively out for 2020 and a big part of the reason is because it's pigmented and can't be changed if you decide you want to try blonde or purple hair instead. In 2020 I'm thinking grey hair will be in and when going grey is just not an option then go brown and have my hair done to match the beautiful walnut wood top on this table. The sculpted walnut metal legs add shadow lines that accent the creamy white rounded top, gorgeous!
There are several advantages to mousse over gels. Gels in general can be a bit heavy for hair, whereas mousse is much lighter and more suitable for all types of hair. Mousse is also excellent at providing a firm yet soft hold that helps define wavy hair as opposed to the stiffer hold of gels. Lastly, mousse gives a softer texture that is easier to manage than gel without leaving the hair crunchy or flaky.
Scrunching your hair can give wavy hair lots of volume. To scrunch, run a little gel through your hair and scrunch it up. The gel will give your waves a boost and the scrunching will help keep your wavy hair in place all day long. In Case You Have wavy or curly hair, you understand about scrunching. The technique is ideal for 2 reasons: placing your curls in position (wet hair) and softening crunchy curls (dry curls). Post-wash, after employing your leave-in conditioner and moisturize lotion, you need to part your hair how you want it to fall as it dries.

Brazilian Curl, Hair that has been treated with a permanent mix of curl (permanently waved). Brazilian wavy hair is often wavy but can be straight or even curly to a certain degree. The curls tend to have the more generic tight wave pattern seen in most curly hair. Don't wash curly hair daily. Do not Brush them while they're moist. Pick Your Shampoo for Curly Hair Wisely. Utilize Deep Hair Conditioner. Lay Off the Heat. Use natural petroleum and mild essence spray. Trim and trim frequently. Proceed into an actual salon.

Yaki human hair is made from a mixture of Indian and Asian hair. This mixture ensures each bundle has wonderful texture without feeling too coarse. The hair is the color #1B which is a natural black color. All of our product are 100% unprocessed virgin human hair that can be re-used and styled over and over again with proper care. 100% natural human hair. 100% human hair is processed to the Yaki texture by chemical and mechanical processes, which makes it more durable and able to be worn for long periods of time. The cuticles of each strand are all intact, and the hair will be tangle free.