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Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions

Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions
Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions
Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions
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Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions
Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions
Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions
Digihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions
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This totally sew-in weave is made with 100% human hair. The body wave style features the Peruvian T1B/4/27 color. Made of 100% human hair, this beautiful Peruvian body wave weave feels very soft to the touch. Seamless weft construction conceals glue and ensures that you do not have to worry about any shedding or tangling. If properly maintained, this hair piece can last for several months. For first time users of hair extensions, here are a few helpful suggestions:

Luxury human hair wigs made by hand in our Brooklyn, NY factory, offering unrivaled quality at prices our clients can afford.  1000s of custom colors and textures to choose from, while also offering pre-designed wigs with natural highlights or ombres.

Our best human hair wigs on amazon 2020 are made of 100% Remy human hair and can be styled like normal hair. These wigs are parted anywhere along the part line, and you can style them per your desire.

Wet and wavy hair is the best choice for woman who has the same hair texture of African American. This kind of hair is smooth and straight, so it is easy to wear with any kinds of fashionable hairdos like wavy hairstyle, bouncy curly hairstyle, straight hairstyles, etc...

PRODUCT NAMEDigihair Hair Peruvian Ombre T1B/4/27 Color Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundle Hair Extensions 
HAIR TYPEBrazilian Hair,Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair
HAIR WEIGHT100±5g/pc

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No. Lace fronts and frontal hairpieces are not the same. A lace front hairpiece is a wig that is attached onto the scalp or a strand of your own hair with a strong adhesive, leaving a small amount exposed at the very front of your head. It is then styled and trimmed to look just like your natural hairline. Frontals, on the other hand, are also known as Hair Kits because they have layers of different styles of human hair to give the illusion of adding more hair to the back and sides of your head. 
Does hard water cause baldness?   Sure it can. The minerals and salts that are in hard water can hamper the performance of shampoos and other products that remove hair, making them more difficult to rinse away.  If your shampoo cannot get washed down the drain, then it will remain on your scalp and hair shafts, causing dryness that leads to breakage…allowing little hairs on your head to fall out leaving a nice exposed patch of skin.
Human hair wigs are made from natural human hair and are possible to perm. If you are looking to perm your wig, we recommend having quality bonds put in first so that the wig will not be as prone to damage after heat is applied and also so that it can then be styled with hot irons if desired. The hair texture of our wigs is 100% real human hair. The hair can be permed, dyed and bleached just like your own hair.
Acrylic paint can be used to dye synthetic hair - just make sure that you have the right kind of acrylic paint. However, the color you get will not be as bright as if you were to dye natural hair. How bright (light/dark) or how red/blue the dye will turn out depends on the lot of acrylic paint that you use specifically and if it has a conditioner in it. You will need to pre-lighten your hair first before dying it because acrylic paint is much lighter than most dyes.
Yes I can put hair up with extensions. The hair is natural and easy to comb to style your own hair any length you like. This hair adds volume, body and length without sacrificing volume or thickness. Hair extensions are Fantastic for producing Voluminous updos and ponytails, but we advocate clipping them upside down to prevent bumps where the wefts are trimmed. Rather, clip the wefts in upside down to make sure they lay flat once you pull your own hair into a ponytail and then stay undetectable.

Do you bleach knots before plucking?   When using bleach, it is very important that it comes into contact with ALL the hair where the knot is located. The trick to plucking effectively is to extend the time that your bleach is on your hair. If you want light highlights, this time can be less than a minute.   For darker coverage, I prefer a good two minutes of direct contact with the bleach before I begin plucking . This makes for effective lifting and soft clean knots, which can then be painted well and last longer before further maintenance is needed.
Got2B glued styling spiking glue allows you to achieve a spiked, bone-like look in your hair. With Got2B glued styling spiking glue, you can spike or style your hair in any direction. The result is a vamped up spike with the texture, movement and definition for lasting looks and long lasting styles. To apply, use the Styling Spiking Glue on dry hair. Lightly spray or spritz the glue along your hairline and rub in slightly. Next, twist and spike one small section of hair at a time. Finish with more Got2B glued styling spiking glue all around for extra hold.
Peruvian hair is thicker, it is softer than Brazilian hair and it takes dye less well. If the goal is to have a very full head of hair that lasts longer without tangling and possible withdrawals or shedding, then you should select Peruvian virgin hair. Peruvian hair follicles have lightweight but Carries a great deal of volumes. The hair has soft and silky texture. That's the significance you have more than 5 bundles of this hair and it yet still feel light weight. Brazilian hair is just one of the best-selling hair and many gorgeous kinds of hair round on the marketplace.

There are hundreds of different hair extensions out there to choose from. It is no wonder that determining which one is best for you can be quite a daunting task...Tape in hair extensions are a comparatively Newer technique as well as the most appropriate for girls with fine or thin hair. The tape extensions are secured for your natural hair with tape (secured like sandwiches between your hair) and therefore are 1.5" wide wefts implemented row . The tape wefts and lightweight and thin, leaving no harm.

If you are planning to change your hairstyle or color, you should consider selecting a human hair wig that is made from the best type of human hair. Human hair wigs are the most natural looking and feeling on the market today. Many people have turned to these types of wigs due to their ability to help them look like their original self again after they have been through something traumatic, such as childbirth, illness, or other extenuating circumstances.
Hair extensions are expensive because they are an investment. They can be a great way to fill in the gaps and add long-lasting body and volume to your hair, or for a big transformation, but good quality ones will never be cheap. Hair extensions are typically made of human hair, which is expensive. The costs of caring for the health of each individual strand while providing it with a style and pattern that complements your own unique look add up quickly.