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Kinky Curly is a modern, curly hair care line created for curly girls by curly girls. Our products are designed with you in mind and are available in a variety of textures to suit your personal style and needs. We believe that all curls are beautiful and we provide products that allow you to confidently express yourself. The kinky curly texture is often confused with our deep curly texture but has a softer and more manageable style that is longer in length than what the deep texture offers. This beautiful texture is as versatile as it is fun and delivers a variety of styling options including some up-dos. The versatility of our kinky curly texture makes it easy to achieve a look that everyone will love. kinky curly is the first line of professional quality, 100% human hair extensions that are soft, beautiful and oh-so-easy to install. It is a revolutionary new fiber technology intended for all hair types, textures and colors. kinky curly can be styled, washed, blow dried, flat ironed and/or curled – just like your own hair!

Whether your hair is naturally curly or you have relaxed or straight hair, long or short, hi-lo or in between – Kinky-Curly will give you the revolutionary definition and twice as much spring and bounce. Kinky Curly is a super-sized, 4C hair collection that includes everything you need for outstanding curl definition without the crunchy hold. This line adds bounce and movement to your curls like your own personal set of volume makers. kinky curly hair texture is extremely coily and tightly curled. Each strand of hair has a distinct S-shaped curve at the tip, giving kinky curly hair its name. It is smooth, shiny, and medium to high in density. This "S" shape causes kinky curly hair to move in many directions, so it has high versatility and does not naturally appear straightened or flattened. Our kinky curly hair extensions are made from 100% human hair which means they are totally natural. They are the perfect solution if you want to change your hairstyle and give it a great look without using chemicals. It is a the extra texture and fullness you have been waiting for!

kinky curly hair textures are a type of tightly-coiled curly hair (such as Type 4 wiry curls) in which the hair diameter varies across the width of the hair strand. Over 80% of black women and men who have naturally curly hair have a variety of kinky curly hair textures. Combining the durability of kinky curly with the texture of Coily, and you have a gorgeous new hair texture that looks as good as it feels. It has a very defined curl pattern that naturally retains its shape so you can rock your favorite look all day long. It's remarkably touchable and bouncy for all-day wear. Our kinky-curly texture is a unique blend of hair with a combination of natural kinky-curly strands and specially texturized straighter strands to create an ideal style full of bounce and movement. Kinky-curly is a family of naturally curly hair textures that offer versatility with a variety of styling options. They are made from 100% authentic, human grade, cuticle intact, Brazilian remy hair. Kinky-curly uses the highest quality virgin hair and only processes hair that has been ethically sourced and harvested from our private non-discriminatory supplier. Kinky-curly hair can be color treated providing maximum coverage for gray, over processed or chemically lightened hair. 

Whether you want natural-looking, bouncy, touchable hair or a tight curl pattern with lots of volume, kinky curly™ is the hair texture collection for all your curly styles. Highlighted with beautiful Brazilian hair and African-American Afro kinky cuticles, this collection has all the versatility to create any look you want. The kinky curly hair texture collection is a unique style designed for those with extremely tight curls. Each texture collection is made from 100% Brazilian virgin hair and comes in two natural colorations. From the body-wave texture to the perfectly straight texture, this collection will have you feeling your prettiest!

Have you ever imagined your own hair being the best gift? Just make a try! You will fall in love with it. Our virgin human hair weaving is of high quality, tangle- free and so luxuriously silky, smooth, soft and frizz-free that you will cherish it. It's easy to apply, remove and yet adhere closely to your scalp without any uncomfortable feeling. Curly human hair is considered to be the most luxurious human hair on the market. It has a very silky texture and is always in high demand because of its versatility. A few things that you should consider before purchasing curly human hair: The more beautiful and soft the virgin curly hair, the more expensive it will be. If you are caring a lot of hair, such as afro kinky curly, here is the right place to select the best hair weaving. It's easier to make a new hairstyle within a quick time. The various kinds of hair extensions can be found at reasonable prices here. All items are made of high quality human hair with different textures and colors. It's the best way to change your look and try a new style without needing to spend too much time or money.

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