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Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair

Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
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Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair
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 Discover your ideal look with the luxuriously soft unprocessed virgin human hair extensions from Digihair. 100% human virgin hair, no mix, no tangle, you will feel like you are wearing your own hair.

Virgin Hair Extensions is one of the few places you can find the consistently high quality Remy human hair that is used in most of the best, top-quality hairpieces. Our products come from two different sources. We purchase our real hair extensions from three of the best quality source vendors in the world. And we buy our virgin remy human hair wigs directly from real Chinese suppliers, who harvest the raw virgin hair directly from young women's heads, using only a clipper to cut it.

When wearing wigs and hair pieces, you want to wear a piece that mimics real hair. That is why the luscious xoxo virgin hair wig collection is all about texture and volume. You get amazing movement, alluring bounce, and thick flowing locks that speaks of luxury and romance without the high cost.

We are the leading company in the world for selling both 100% pre-bonded human hair and custom wigs. We are a manufacturer of 100% human hair extensions and hair application products, located in North Carolina, USA. A factory direct relationship ensures low prices for top quality human hair near me .


※Item: Digihair Hair 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Loose Deep Wave Hair

※Hair Material: 100% Virgin Human Hair Bundles, Virgin Indian Loose Deep Wave Hair Weaves, Can be Dyed and Ironed by your favor

※Hair Color: Natural Black Color

※Hair Grade: Digihair Hair, 8100% Virgin Human Hair Bundles

※Hair Length: 12inches-26 inches is available, Very Soft, Healthy and thick, Tangle Free, No Shedding

※Hair Weight: 95-100g each bundles

※Texture: Curly hair bundles, Natural Hair line, Soft, Comb Easily, Minimal Shedding, No Tangling 


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How many bundles should I purchase?

If you want to full fill one head, 3pcs will be okay. If the hair is over 18", 4pcs should be better.Also, if you do not have leave out, you could try to 3 bundles with closure3 bundles with frontal closure, it will save your more money.

How is the hair length measured?

Digihair Hair is measured true to length.The lengths on our website are the stretched length.

How long do the hair bundles last?

Our bundles typically last for 6-8 months, if cared for properly.

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Should you get 18 inch extensions because you have long hair? Or would 20 inch extensions be better because they are longer? This is a question that has been asked many times by contractors. If you decide to get hair extensions we highly recommend 18 inch, and if this seems short to you, remember these are only the lengths of the hair and do not take into consideration the thickness of your hair. When taking into account the natural thickness of your hair it's not uncommon for an 18 inch strand of hair to match up or even surpass the length of 20 inch strands.
As we all know, frontal is the first choice for hair nourishing. If you have poor nourishment of the hair, it will be easily damaged both by sun and wind. The plucked frontal will not only make the hair look thicker and healthier, but also create a natural transition from short to long hair. Plucking allows you to control the amount of hair and where it comes from, which can be a deciding factor if you have fine hair. In some cases it is more obvious that you have plucked a frontal and in others it can appear natural.
Yes! You can put your wig in a ponytail. Wearing your hair in a ponytail may be a good alternative for wearing a wig if you are having difficulty adjusting to the feel of the wig. It can help you feel more comfortable about wearing it. While many of our wigs were created with sleek and sophisticated styling, they have enough versatility to be worn in a variety of ways. For example, if you want to put your wig in a ponytail, we recommend using the Roll & Twist Method.
Brown box dye is specifically designed for dark hair. Ill certainly, about a week after bleaching your hair, put a brown box hair dye on your hair if you want to cover up the yellow. Just make sure you use some conditioner too as this will help your hair to keep the natural moisture in it and also protect the blonde that you have spent so long trying to get looking nice. Also I would advise making sure that your bathroom is well ventilated as this dye can be quite poisonous.
The Kardashians are some of the most famous, and beautiful people in the world today. The girls are quick to reveal any secret beauty methods that they use to look their best for the public. Every now and then, Kim Kardashian functions Up a number of her treasured non-sponcon beauty goods, and every now and then, they are actually within our budget. Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Remedy, a longtime favorite of Kim's, helps restore damaged hair and deliver it back into its initial, healthful state.

A 6x6 human hair closure refers to a standard closure cut in a 6x6 silk or lace front or top piece. This size is common and widely used by many of today's leading retailers of beauty products.
The longer you leave bleach in the more surface you cover, so 30 minutes is fine for a beginner. Be careful with that number though, because if it will change the water temperature by more than 3°C (5°F) don't leave it in for longer than 20 minutes.n case your client's hair is dark blonde/light Brown (flat 5-6), target at about 30 minutes utilizing 30 Vol programmer. If your customer's own hair is brown/dark brownish (level 4-5), target at about around 30-40 minutes utilizing 30 Vol programmer with new mixture additional in during processing period.

Hair donations can range from 8 inches to 20 inches long, and the majority of those donations (90%) are 12 inches or less. A generous 10 inches is ideal … your stylist will cut off any extra length at the time of the donation. The moment you start thinking about donating, make sure your hair is in as healthy a condition as possible. After professional color treatments, for example, it may be best to wait a few months before cutting your hair off.
Compared to this lace closed, the lace Closure is obviously thinner and more elastic; it will readily adapt to a head, leading to an apartment and easy installation. On the other hand, the knots on the lace closed are observable with clear grid lines, which can be very noticeable if they are not substituted first. A silk or lace closure is a great choice for all women. The lace closure feels comfortable and allows you to not worry about your wig slipping. However, if you want to wear your own hair underneath, the silk closure would be better suited for you, since the wig cannot be removed easily with that type of closure.
An increasing number of consumers are discovering that synthetic hair is not just cheaper than human hair, but lasts longer, never tangles or frizzes and is much easier to take care of.  Synthetic extensions are so realistic that it's virtually impossible to tell the difference from a distance, unless you have an eye for detail. Natural hair wigs are all made from Harvested hair, so that they look, feel and behave exactly like your own hair. Synthetic wigs are made from man-made fibers utilizing specialized technologies to provide the general look and feel of hair.

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Virgin hair is from a donor's head that has not been chemically treated. A "virgin cut" may include cutting, bleaching, coloring and processing. That's why each piece of unprocessed virgin hair is marked with a small lock of hair symbol. An "unprocessed virgin hair extension" means that the hair is processed post-delivery(color & chemical processing), but the entire hair is still completely unprocessed.
The most flattering hair colors for dark skin come in shades of cool and warm brown. For blonde hair, avoid platinum or honey blonde shades, as they wash you out. You can also experiment with highlights on low/medium-light skin tones to soften the overall look. For redheads, think about embracing your beautiful locks and adding no color at all. What hair color looks good on dark skin? I personally think that you are born with your own look and eventually after some trial and error you will find the right shade for your skin tone.
Are you looking for a great quality hair weave that will last long and be easy to take care of? Do you wish someone would just make a hair weave suited for all ethnicities? If so, then our 150% Density Remy Hair Weave with Lace Closure is the product of your dreams. Our Remy hair weave is not only made for African American women, but it is also ideal for women of all ethnicities.
A half perm is a new, easy way to achieve curly hair without using chemicals. Just wrap your hair in hot rollers and pin it up! It takes just minutes, but the results last up to eight weeks. Perfect for an easy at-home touch-up between trips. A half perm ONLY straightens, relaxes and renews the hair on your head.  A half perm doesn't affect any other part of your body, just the head.  When you go in for a half perm keep in mind that it doesn't include razor parting, because it's not permanent!  (Just your hair).
bob and weave is a revolutionary way to create the look of natural hair growth, giving you instant thickness and coverage with natural-looking color. bob and weave is innovative hair replacement system in a kit form. This new method for creating bob & weaves gives stylists an option to use our pre-crafted hair systems or apply them in their own custom designed lace front pieces. The self mix formula uses only 3 products to achieve a hair piece that you will love.
Virgin hair is unprocessed, while Remy hair is not. Virgin hair has not been chemically treated and does not have any artificial coloring. It possesses the natural characteristics of its donor and has not been stripped of its cuticle layer. Virgin hair is collected ethically, as it is an easily renewable natural resource. Remy hair was originally processed before collecting and producing, which separates the cuticle and cortex thus making the strand more durable, easy to style and suitable for chemical processing. 
Celebrities use hair extensions to create many different hairstyles; whether it's a simple up-do, a glamorous style for the red carpet or a pixie cut. Now you can find out what hair extensions they use and how to get their look! These hair extensions are 100% real human hair. We have high quality options available for every budget, including Remy hair extensions, which is a very high grade that comes from the best place on the head.
There are two main categories of wigs, human hair and synthetic wigs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive, they can last longer and can create more volume. The disadvantage to human hair is that not all colors can be made from it, so you may need to settle for another color that still matches your color but may not match completely. Synthetic wigs are less expensive, more body friendly, easy to take care of, lightweight, but they don't last as long as a human hair wig and the fibers tend to fray easily.
Both full lace wigs and lace front wigs are made of 100% high quality human hair. There is absolutely no difference between them other than how they look on the wearer. Full lace wigs cover your entire head of hair and are usually sewed onto a mesh cap, while lace front wigs mostly leave your hair out. Some do allow some strands to be viewable from the front. Lace front wigs offer a much more natural looking hairline than full lace wigs, and therefore are more popular among women who prefer a more diverse range of hairstyles with their hairpiece.
When you wear your hair in braids, it can sometimes irritate the hair or the scalp. This is because when your hair is in braids, it's not getting the oils from your scalp, so the natural oil builds up and causes itchiness. Some people may find their braids itch more than others, and it can vary from time to time as well. Waxing or twisting braids may help prevent them from itching as much.